Top features of CD players for cars

LCD display

One feature that you should look for in a car CD player is an LCD screen. These screens display the CD player menu and settings and allow you to choose the music you want to listen to. The main difference you will find on the LCD screens of different CD players is the quality of the screen. You will have to be very careful when choosing and make sure that you buy a high quality car radio.

Compatibility between MP3 and CD

Any CD player can easily play standard CDs, but what you will need to look for is a CD player that is also compatible with MP3s. You will not find this feature in every CD player, so before making a purchase, make it certain that the CD player is also MP3-compatible.


If you are looking for a CD player for a car that will also allow you to connect to your cell phone, look for one on a dropshipping web site one that has a built-in Bluetooth functionality. You can simply connect your CD player to your phone and stream music from your phone.

USB port

Another feature that you must look for is a USB port in your car player with motorized screen and GPS. This port can have multiple uses; you can connect your phone to it with a USB cable or you can plug in a USB drive and play your songs. If your CD player supports the format, then you may even use the USB port to play or stream videos on the LCD of your car’s CD player.

Detachable panel

For safety purposes, especially since a high-quality CD player can cost a lot, you may want to get a player that allows its front panel to detach itself from the rest of the system. This will enable you to carry the front panel with yourself while your car is parked on the road.

Remote control

Having a remote control for your CD player will make your life a whole lot easier. You can easily control the player from a distance, and you will not need to lean in from time to time to change anything on the player.

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Pre-amp output

If you plan to install or already have an amplifier in your car, you will need a pre-amp output that follows European standards norms with your CD player. Not all CD players come with this option, so you’ll need to focus on this aspect as it will allow you to connect your player to your amplifier and transmit the sound effectively.